Rod Sheridan

Rod Sheridan

After a career of strong achievements within facilities management across Australasia, Rod joined Auckland Council in late 2015 to lead the formation and development of the Community Facilities Department.  We manage $11 billion (2000 buildings, 4000 parks) of council’s assets across parks, sports fields, pools and recreation centers, libraries, arboriculture, ecological and all community assets; and provide a lifecycle approach to asset solutions.  We also manage and deliver all capital work relating to these assets: we build, maintain, and renew.  Rod has set the vision of Community Facilities as being the leading local government provider of asset management solutions.


As part of that journey, Rod has also led a number of major projects for Auckland Council, such as:

  • Project 17 – the procurement and contract transition of new maintenance contracts for council’s full facilities and ecological maintenance services. The project has achieved $26 million of additional value to the organisation. The financial benefits, along with both localised social and sustainable outcomes, have hailed this project as a role model for future success for Auckland Council
  • Vector Lights–a world-first solar, battery and peer-to-peer powered Auckland Harbour Bridge light show that demonstrates a smarter way to power our city. Vector Lights can be programmed for special events throughout the year and subtly frames the architecture of the Harbour Bridge on every other night
  • Giga Watt – partnerships with private sector to reduce the carbon intensity of Auckland Council’s energy supply. This includes the installation of solar, battery storage, EV fast chargers and other technologies in Auckland Council facilities.


Auckland Council has a strong focus on sustainability. Within Community Facilities we are working hard to meet Auckland Council’s Low Carbon action plan targets and achieve our Auckland Plan social outcome directives.

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