Gareth Hughes

Gareth Hughes

Gareth entered Parliament in 2010 as the youngest MP and is now Chairperson of the Social Services and Community Select Committee and Green Party Musterer (Whip) and party Strategist.

He is the Green Party’s spokesperson for Energy and Resources, ICT, Technology, Science, Research and Development, Animal Welfare, Primary Industries and Biosecurity, Tourism, Commerce and Consumer Affairs and Wellington Issues.

He is a passionate advocate for energy innovation and his vision is for cleaner, cheaper, smarter energy use. He is currently working with the NZ Government on a 100% renewable electricity by 2035 target, solar schools programme, sustainable farming package and home insulation scheme. A long-time campaigner to halt deep-sea oil drilling and fracking, he has been involved in the transition away from offshore oil and gas.

Prior to Parliament he was a climate change campaigner for Greenpeace. He is dad to two kids and he loves to scuba dive and sail.

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